According to Wikipedia the word Mulch is defined as: a mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. Its purpose is any or all of the following:

  • to conserve moisture
  • to improve the fertility and health of the soil
  • to reduce weed growth
  • to enhance the visual appeal of the area

In my opinion the reason why SEA SOIL is so popular as a mulch is because it does all of the above. The larger fully composted bark pieces conserve moisture and improve aeration to the roots. Like a good mulch, SEA SOIL definitely improves the health and fertility of your existing soil as well as the plants in the soil. SEA SOIL is made from 50% fish, which is natures best and safest time release fertilizer. Unlike most mulches, SEA SOIL is already weed free -- so by adding it to your garden you are not only keeping the weeds down but also not introducing new weeds. However, I think one of the most important features in any mulch application is its visual appeal. SEA SOIL has a dark rich color and it makes any plant bed look clean and beautiful.

Equally as important in using SEA SOIL as a mulch is knowing what it doesn't contain and why it is your best choice. SEA SOIL has no chipped wood or cedar to leach nitrogen from your plants. We do not add in any soils to introduce weeds or add chemical fertilizers. SEA SOIL is OMRI listed so you can trust that our product is thoroughly tested and safe to use in your plant beds. Unlike most traditional mulches, SEA SOIL can be used as a direct plant soil, so you never have to worry about this mulch getting to close to your favorite plants or harming your vegetable garden. When applying SEA SOIL as a mulch, I recommend an application of between two to four inches, four inches if your soil is in need of substantial repair.

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Growing Your Soil

Not the Landfill. All of our bags, pallets and pallet wrap can be recycled. Our plastic is made from no. 4 LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) plastic which can be recycled by returning clean, dry, empty plastic bags to recycling drop off centers or retailers and municipalities (curbside collection also) that provide designated plastic bag recycling. Wooden pallets can be reused or recycled at designated wood recycling areas with your municipality.

OMRI Tested

We believe that all soils should have a required minimum set of testing standards when it comes to growing. That is why we contacted O.M.R.I. years ago to start the process of approving SEA SOIL. We regularly test our SEA SOIL for heavy metals, ecoli and even fecal coliforms to make sure SEA SOIL is the best choice for gardeners and growers.