Container Complete SEA SOIL™

Natural Organic Growing Soil

Container Complete is made with Organic ingredients! Finely screened, award winning SEA SOIL with a precise blend of Perlite, Coco Coir and Azomite to create a complete container Mix. Azomite is 100% natural, supports plant growth and helps remineralize your garden for healthy fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Available in 52 L bag.

Contains Azomite For Larger Fruit, Flowers & Veggies

  • Fish is nature's best fertilizer
  • Use directly in pots, container & boxes
  • Good drainage/aeration
  • Safe for veggies, too!

Directions for Use:

Use Container Complete™ as your would any other potting soil; blend it into your existing soil or use it 100% on its own. It's great for adding to pots, containers, gardens or anywhere you would like to grow plants and you do not need to worry about using chemical or liquid fertilizers.

"When using Container Complete™ products with any supplements or fertilizers, follow the directs of all products being used."

When planting flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables always follow plant tag or package instructions and follow the application instructions below. Apply Container Complete™ to outside gardens (flower, vegetable & shrubs), lawns, containers and raised beds with existing soil.

Vegetable Gardens & Raised Garden Beds: use 100% or mix/rototil the amount of Container Complete™ product needed into your existing soil to a depth of 30 cm.

Top Dress: spread out to a minimum depth of 5 cm on your garden containers, boxes or pots.

Fill pot, container or hanging basket with Container mix and plant directly.

Product weight is 19.05kb per bag.
1 bag (42 lbs*) = four 12" pots.


Container Complete is excellent for retaining moisture. Water when soils are dry throughout your container and always have a water collection device if overwatering occurs. Excessive watering may result in murky coloured water that is characteristic of Container Complete's organic benefits of not being chemically fertilized. Recycle the excess water back into your plants.

Organic! No Fish Odour!

Great for Larger Fruit, Flowers, and Vegetables!

Guaranteed Analysis Chart
Total Nitrogen (N): 1.7%
Water-insoluble nitrogen: 1.08%
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5): 0.45%
Total Phosphoric Acid (P2O5): 0.44%
Soluble Potash (K20): 0.26%
Organic Matter (Minimum): 65.57%
Maximum Moisture: 53.24%
Sodium (Na): 0.13%
pH: 5.5
Secondary (lesser) Nutrients
Calcium (Ca): 2.05%
Magnesium (Mg): 0.46%
Sulphur (S): 0.14%
Chloride (Cl): 0.14%
Iron (Fe): 1.37%
Manganese (Mn): 0.04%
Secondary (Lesser) Nutrients also known as Micronutrients are those elements essential for plant growth that are needed in only very small (micro) quantities.

For a complete nutrient analysis, contact us at 1-866-732-7645.

*Packaged by volume, weight may vary.

For retail purchases, use our Store Locator to find a find a SEA SOIL dealer near you.
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Container Complete

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Growing Your Soil

Not the Landfill. All of our bags, pallets and pallet wrap can be recycled. Our plastic is made from no. 4 LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) plastic which can be recycled by returning clean, dry, empty plastic bags to recycling drop off centers or retailers and municipalities (curbside collection also) that provide designated plastic bag recycling. Wooden pallets can be reused or recycled at designated wood recycling areas with your municipality.

OMRI Tested

We believe that all soils should have a required minimum set of testing standards when it comes to growing. That is why we contacted O.M.R.I. years ago to start the process of approving SEA SOIL. We regularly test our SEA SOIL for heavy metals, ecoli and even fecal coliforms to make sure SEA SOIL is the best choice for gardeners and growers.