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The Company Behind SEA SOIL

The company behind SEA SOIL, Foenix, uses process recommended by experts using the correct equipment to produce one of the finest organic products available on the market today.

The Makers of SEA SOIL™

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Foenix Forest Technology Inc. was established approximately thirteen years ago to find an environmentally safe disposal method for dryland sort debris.

Changing environmental laws prohibited logging companies from burning or land filling their waste. Fish processing companies were also in need of a disposal method as they were no longer allowed to ocean dump or landfill their waste.

Don Waugh, who established the company, decided that these two waste products could be composted together to produce an excellent soil substrate. Although composting had been done on a very small scale basis, Don believed that it could be a viable disposal method for large quantities of dryland sort debris.

SEA SOIL site The soil produced was originally utilized in tests to rehabilitate de-activated logging roads. The results of these tests which were closely monitored proved to very successful.

Today, Foenix Forest Technology Inc. screens almost all the dryland sort debris produced on the North Island. After the screening process, the wood is chipped and shipped away for use as is the hog fuel.

The remaining ‘forest fines’ are transported to Foenix's site to be composted with the fish waste. Due to Don’s innovative thinking, North Island forest companies now do not burn or land fill any part of their debris, rather they utilize 100% of the waste they produce.

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Foenix utilizes the process recommended by experts using the correct equipment to produce one of the finest products available on the market today. SEA SOIL is as good for the environment as it is for your garden. Please see our store locator for a store location near you.

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Growing Your Soil

Not the Landfill. All of our bags, pallets and pallet wrap can be recycled. Our plastic is made from no. 4 LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) plastic which can be recycled by returning clean, dry, empty plastic bags to recycling drop off centers or retailers and municipalities (curbside collection also) that provide designated plastic bag recycling. Wooden pallets can be reused or recycled at designated wood recycling areas with your municipality.

OMRI Tested

We believe that all soils should have a required minimum set of testing standards when it comes to growing. That is why we contacted O.M.R.I. years ago to start the process of approving SEA SOIL. We regularly test our SEA SOIL for heavy metals, ecoli and even fecal coliforms to make sure SEA SOIL is the best choice for gardeners and growers.