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Can I use SEA SOIL 100% strength?

SEA SOIL is safe to use 100%; it will never burn. As our forest fines are from dryland (no salt water or de-watered logs) sorts we do not have high salt content. An immature compost will also burn; we compost SEA SOIL for two years. Composts high in cedar will also burn your plants-our fines are fir and hemlock. You need not worry about applying “too much” SEA SOIL to perennials, bare-roots plants, trees or shrubs. We do however recommend that you mix SEA SOIL down when planting seeds or starting a vegetable garden especially if you are growing root vegetables. Our new product, Potting Mix with SEA SOIL, a precise blend of OMRI listed SEA SOIL and OMRI listed peat moss is an excellent soil for producing the best organically fertilized vegetable or annual garden you have ever encounter. Also try SEA SOIL Hanging Basket Mix for long lasting blooms and excellent hanging basket drainage. What more could the organic gardener ask for: the simplicity of an organically fertilized hard working soil!

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Growing Your Soil

Not the Landfill. All of our bags, pallets and pallet wrap can be recycled. Our plastic is made from no. 4 LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) plastic which can be recycled by returning clean, dry, empty plastic bags to recycling drop off centers or retailers and municipalities (curbside collection also) that provide designated plastic bag recycling. Wooden pallets can be reused or recycled at designated wood recycling areas with your municipality.

OMRI Tested

We believe that all soils should have a required minimum set of testing standards when it comes to growing. That is why we contacted O.M.R.I. years ago to start the process of approving SEA SOIL. We regularly test our SEA SOIL for heavy metals, ecoli and even fecal coliforms to make sure SEA SOIL is the best choice for gardeners and growers.