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Finally some Sunshine!

31 Mar 2014 | 3:46 AM PDT | Posted by Tricia Fawkes | Category: General

Well we finally had a sunny day and the kids and I were really excited to get into the dirt.  We cleaned out the raised beds and pulled the remaining carrots from the year before.  Usually, I still eat the overwintered carrots but after the heavy snowfall in February they were a little mushy.  While I don't like mushy carrots, the rabbits and chickens loved them.

After the beds were cleaned we top dressed with a few bags of Sea Soil.  I dont fertilize my vegetable beds throughout the growing season and I dont add any other nutrients other than a bag or two of of Sea Soil in the spring.  I know what goes into Sea Soil, how it is made and I see the test results after the two years so it is the only product I trust to grow with.

While it was a sunny day, I knew that frost was still a possibility and I am a lady without a greenhouse.  Ocea was so excited to plant a few veggie starters from the local garden centre and I really like to keep her gardening ideas flowing so we bought a little lettuce, broccolli, spinach and kale.  It is exciting to see your kids passionate about growing so how could I say "its to early".   We then headed to The Home Depot and picked up three 2 by 4's, some PVC tubing and some plastic sheeting.  I saw a picture on Pinterest a few months ago and decided to actually try to make a mini greenhouse.  Like most of the things I have seen on pinterest, I forgot to pin it and of course had no instructions so the kids and I winged it.

We built a rectangle out of the 2 by 4's to act as a frame for the lid then my helper put 4 PVC pieces as the ribs.

Ocea then planted the bed.  She of course did it all by herself as she is the  She did ask for spacing advice but everything else was on her own and done with a smile.

Happy Girl!!

We covered the ribs in plastic and stapled the sides with a staple gun. Fun day in the sunshine and we kept everyone busy for a couple of hours.  Now to make more.....