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Another Day with Dad!

02 Sep 2015 | 2:53 PM PDT | Posted by Rick Fawkes | Category: Kids

It took a little work but I got Ocea to fit in the bucket!

Notice the clay? It's so clean, I am sure it would make great art clay.


Devin & Ocea playing with the tire, it's their favourite tire! No, he did not hit her, the tire is actually to the side of her.


Kavin was busy climbing what he called a big "beaver dam".


We love our tire, take it with us everywhere we go now!


If there is a hole filled with water the kids all have to take turns jumping in it.... just because!


That's a happy smile if i ever saw one.


I accidentally tripped and fell in Dad. Ya right...


My boots!!!!


After literally hosing the kids off, I stuck them in the hot tub!!